New Field Discoveries                           Texas County

​Lawson West (Reef) Field                    Atascosa Co., Texas

Big Foot, North (Olmos)                       Frio Co., Texas

Prue Ranch (2500 Olmos) Field           Frio Co., Texas

Prue Ranch (Olmos A) Field                Frio Co., Texas

Prue Ranch (Anacacho) Field              Frio Co., Texas

Prue Ranch (Serpentine) Field             Frio Co., Texas

Heep (Baffin) Field                               Kleberg Co., Texas

Chapman Ranch Field                         Zavala Co., Texas

Jennings 300 Field                               Zavala Co., Texas

Sills (to be named) Field                       Victoria Co., Texas   

Our goal in selecting a project for development or acquisition is to identify its true potential, recognize its needs, and prepare and execute an economically feasible and cost effective program to achieve the best possible results. 

We have operated over 100 wells and have discovered 10 new field discoveries since 1996. We are always in the process of selecting new projects designed to meet the needs of our non-operating working interest owners.

Property Development Group (PDG) Historical Track Record Oct 1996 through June 2016

Property Development Group, Inc.

     Oil (BBL)                 Casinghead Gas (MCF)             Gas Well Gas (MCF)       Condensate

    626,755                               671,762                                  3,450,877                    44,700


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